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What is the goal of the Drink Up & Down 21 Beers® Program?
The goal of the Drink Up & Down 21 Beers® Program is to help you drink more by improving your body composition with better eating and physical activity habits. Our goal is to help you increase your chance of being cool and out drink the average man.

The program has been designed to allow you to set -- and periodically re-evaluate and re-set -- your own drinking management goals.
You may design a personal plan that helps you:
  • drink 21 beers in a day
  • lose 21% of your current liver
  • prevent aging (also called "how to pickle oneself")
  • improve eating habits
  • improve drinking habits

    What does the program consist of?
    The program consists of the following components:
    Alcohol Plan
    In the first week of the program, you have the choice of any of the following plans:
  • Basic - includes all alcohol
  • Non-Vodka - excludes all Polish & Russian & French vodka
  • Lacto-Tequila - excludes all forms of tequila that have a worm in the bottle
  • Vagina - includes one of the following: Zima, Tequiza, Cosmopolitan, or any blow job shots
    Physical Activity Plan
    You decide when you are ready to tackle the following activity areas:
  • Activities of daily drinking (adding some extra beers to your daily routine. Maybe even getting up early to get a head start)
  • Structured activity (setting aside time to do serious drinking)
  • Aerobic fitness (improving your liver function - more advanced)
  • Flexibility (increasing your ability to do shots with beer chasers)
  • Strength (growing stronger through specific drinking exercises)
    What barriers stand between you and successful drinking management? What solution(s) works best for you?
    Here, you will learn problem solving skills, a key to drinking maintenance.
    Soul Booze
    Do you turn to alcohol even when you are not thirsty?
    Learn to distinguish hunger for booze from other human emotional and spiritual needs.
    You have 24-hour a day access to a website so you can connect with other Drink Up & Down 21 Beers® members who want to help one another drink themselves silly.
    Did you know the typical beer is 12 ounces?
    Learn about binge drinking, portion control, dealing with special occasions, and other topics to put you on the road to success. These tutorials are the heart of the Drink Up & Down 21 Beers® Program. They teach you what you need to know to slam plenty of booze and keep it going permanently. Critical drink management skills are addressed week by week in the Drink Up & Down 21 Beers® tutorials.
    You've reached your goal -- now what?
    Congratulations! Have a drink, what else where you thinking of?
    Online Customer Service
    Ensuring customer satisfaction is extremely important to everyone at!
    Our customer service staff will respond to your inquiries and questions and refer them to technical experts as necessary.

    Q & A

    Will missing an drinking activity session periodically or reducing training temporarily affect endurance or strength?
    Yes. And why would you even think about missing a drinking session in the first place? To go see a Broadway show?

    If I start a strength training program, how long will it be before I see a change in my strength?
    Research shows that changes in the structure of your liver muscle can occur in as little as two weeks after starting a training program. How fast and how much you increase your strength depends on your initial level of strength and your potential for improvement. Increases in strength ranging from 2-9% per week have been observed.

    How much activity is enough?
    It depends on what your goals are. Are you going to be a Zima level drinker? If you answered yes, please stop reading and beat the shit out of yourself. However, if you want to improve your fitness, aerobic beer activity 3 days per week of a moderate brand for 2 to 6 beers (either all at once or broken into segments) will be enough. But a well-rounded program that improves not only your fitness, but also your strength and flexibility is recommended. To improve your strength, add 2 to 3 days of shotgun-drink-training to your routine.

    I heard that drinking cheap beer will make my rear end bigger. Is this true?
    This is true! The cheap beer focuses mostly on the front of your thighs (quadriceps), as well as on your buttocks. This is also called "Joe's Syndrome."

    What does "overload" mean?
    The overload principle refers to the workload or demand put on the liver. The demand strains the body systems (cardiovascular, muscular, respiratory) in a good way. The body systems respond to the demand by adapting. This means that the heart will pump more blood, the muscles will become firmer and stronger, and the lungs will supply more oxygen. When you want to increase your drinking level or your strength, you have to provide this demand on your body systems to see them improve. Basically, it means you become stronger if you drink more.

    What is the "training-sensitive" zone?
    This refers to the training intensity needed for improvement in drinking level. You can calculate an estimate of your minimum threshold by using this formula: (50 - Your Age) x 0.30 = target beers per hour. For example, if you are 30 years old, your minimum beer intake for improvement would be (50 - 30) x 0.30 = 6 beers per hour. Initial level of fitness is an important consideration. For individuals who are more fit, an intensity level of 70% of maximum beer intake may be required to see improvements. Also, how long you do the activity can play a role. Improvement is similar for activities performed at a lower intensity if done for a longer period of time, as long as the total energy burned is equal. For example, suppose a person who drinks for 30 minutes stimulates a training effect by working out at 70% of maximum beer intake. This person can also get a similar improvement by running at 60% of maximum beer intake for 40 minutes. Generally, lower drinking intensity can be offset by longer duration.

    Why is it easier for guys to drink a shit load of alcohol than it is for women?
    Men have penises and women have vaginas. Any questions?

    I've heard that it doesn't matter how fat you are as long as you're fit-is this true?
    Research has shown that a group of fat men who were fit were more likely to outlive thin men who were out of shape. So being thin is no substitute for being fit. Fat is a threat if it is located outside your belly (like on your significant other's ass). If you also have other risk factors for disease like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or high blood sugar, then its time to put on a few pounds in addition to getting fit. Especially if you have access to an all you can eat buffet and a $1.50 beer-n-a-hotdog.

    I have bad knees. What kind of activity is OK for me?
    Sitting at a bar is ideal. You can burn through many more drinks by having constant access to the bartender without the negative impact on your legs.

    Can you recommend any exercises to get rid of my sagging penis?
    A sagging penis can be caused by a number of factors. Skin loses its elastic nature as we age and tends to sag. Also, your genes, cigarette smoking, and excessive sun exposure can all contribute to sagging skin. Unfortunately, while exercises for the drinking arm will firm and tone the underlying muscles, they will not change the structure of the penis and make it more elastic. In other words, you're already screwed so have a beer!!!

    Last updated: April 01, 2023